Camping 10/06/07



My wife (and BFF) and I went on a cool camping trip on motorcycles one weekend.

What a friggin blast! Here's some highlights of the trip...



Mary heading North on 94 almost to Port Huron 10/06/07



Our bikes at the Kroger market just North of Port Huron. Post Crash.

Mary had dropped her bike (almost literally) right in front of that blue car.

Trying to park. 2 mph. Sloooooow motion.



The only damage...


First pic is just before was really hot out. (Long story!)

Chilling by the camp settling in made it a little cooler and it cooled down a bit more later on. (yeah, for everyone else!)

 Thank God! And I must say, dinner was pretty good - not bad really considering. And the wine was good.



Mmmmm   Hawaiian Bread! Yummmmmm!!!



I absolutely love my Jetboil!


Nice chairs eh? The wine was $4 and it cost more than a chair!

How cool is that!





Now we're trying to get the fire started...sort of.

Note the empty wine bottle on the table.

Big Boggle time and just as Mr. Stick Bug enters the game.

The Next Morning...

We made it. We're alive!


On the way home...




Then we're home. All's well that ends well.

One of the best weekends of my life. Thanks Babe!









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