This is a page about my R1150GS Adventure. I think this bike will be with me for the rest of my life. I hope so anyway. I also had a KLR650 and I can honestly say there's one real way to make a KLR feel a lot more nimble. Ride an R1150GSA first!


Enjoy the pics, stories and articles. If you have anything to contribute please by all means, let me know! I have a feeling I'm going to go absolutely nuts on this bike. I can't wait to begin the mods and there's a really long list of them to tackle already!


I bought this bike in Virginia and flew down to ride it back to my home outside Detroit, Mi. Believe it or not, my wife bought it for me on Mothers Day. Can you believe that? Awesome eh! My wife ROCKS!


Yeah, I still can't get over it. I'm wondering what she's gonna want for Fathers Day.


Well. I thought I would never give this bike up. Unfortunately - it was a tad too tall for me.

Sold it in August 2011


Updated 08/29/11


These are some pics of my own bike.







I've been to Hell!













Note: Some of the parts, shops, and people described in the articles listed below are No Longer Available, much less at the prices illustrated. 

Please note these documents are for reference only - your mileage may vary.

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Caring for a Rusty Tank

Break-in Procedures - THE TRUTH!

Integrated Garage Door Opener

Where's YOURS ?!


Send me pics of your bike, a short story describing it and the mods, and I'll make a page for you and your bike!


Waiting for YOU to send me pics of YOUR bike!!


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This Yahoo link is for joining the Michigan Off Road Adventure Group.

It's an email list for KLR owners and Adventure motorcyclists living in Michigan.

It doesn't matter if you ride a KTM, DR, F650, XR, CRF or YZF!   Let's ride!


Yes, it's moderated.

Click here to join MiKLR

Click to join MiKLR!




Oldrice CA Tour 2006

"The Adventure of a Lifetime"

Riding a KLR with friends on new KLR650's, to the Southern Tip of Central America - and back - from Detroit, MI!

The Adventure began Nov 2006




Oldrice Trans Taiga Tour 2009!

Check THIS out!

Yes, I'm riding this trip. It was postponed but...\TTT08.html



Adventure Rider





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