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It's an email list for KLR owners and Adventure motorcyclists living in Michigan.

It doesn't matter if you ride a KTM, DR, F650, XR, CRF or YZF!   Let's ride!


Yes, it's moderated.

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These are some pics of my own bike.


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WOW! There's a freakin zillion different KLR pages on the internet - and they're just for the KLR650! Here I was thinking I would put a page together for the KLR with a bit here and a bit there on tips or bits of info I've gathered or come up with. Heh, looks like about 500 other guys already beat me to it! Having said that, I can host individual pages here of you and your bikes, ride reports, descriptions of your bikes mods, etc,... and links to all those cool KLR sites out there. With that, let's get it started!


Note: Some of the parts, shops, and people described in the articles listed below are No Longer Available, much less at the prices illustrated. 

Please note these documents are for reference only - your mileage may vary.

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Columns / Articles

Caring for a Rusty Tank

Plug Coil Combo!

Timing a bike

Break-in Procedures - THE TRUTH!

Integrated Garage Door Opener

The KLR650 FAQ - a must read!

Heated Grips - best tip!

Where's YOURS ?!


Send me pics of your bike, a short story describing it and the mods, and I'll make a page for you and your bike!


Waiting for YOU to send me pics of YOUR bike!!

Heh, seems they quit writing about our KLR a long time ago.

~Resources & Stuff~

www.touratech.com - really cool stuff - nothing specific for the KLR though. Weird.

Adventure Rider   ...Forum for Adventure Touring/Riding (among other things)

Long Distance Riders (LDR Site) ...Site for Sport/Leisure Touring 

ThumperTalk  ....Mostly late model thumpers 

xlintperformance.com ...our friends

4strokes.com ...Again, mostly late model thumpers

www.dirtrider.net/index.php  ...4-stroke and 2-stroke

www.thumperpilot.com/  ...4-strokes of all kinds

www.thumpertalk.com/  Chat board for Thumpers of all brands

www.EuroSpares.com - Michael Moore's fantastic site and some of the best moto lists on the net - bar none.

www.ThumperStuff.com - Mark Aplands site for uh...thumper stuff. Tell Mark Oldrice sent you - he's a great guy.

www.farklemasters.com - Authorized Dual Star dealer - Catfish can hook you up! Tell him Oldrice sent you!

www.ArrowheadMotorsports.com - KLR stuff - Fred will hook you up!   Yeppers, Fred and Catfish are buddies!



This is one of the biggest, if not THE biggest KLR dedicated forums on the 'net. Great source of info, parts, accessories, tips and tricks and really good people. Tell Hondo that Oldrice sent you!

Click the KLR World.com banner!

neduro dual sport DVDDual Sport Riding DVD
Produced by our good friend Neduro. If you have a passion for riding, and want to polish your dirt skills, check out this DVD.




These are links to some of Oldrice' favorite KLR parts suppliers - check them out!



Tell Fred Oldrice sent you!





BigCEE Engineering - KLR650 FAQs


The Original KLR650 Page! (it's awesome!)








I took this pic from the Advrider site - one of my fav pics. I have the same bike. Why do I feel the need to point that out?




Oldrice CA Tour 2006

"The Adventure of a Lifetime"

Riding a KLR with friends on new KLR650's, to the Southern Tip of Central America - and back - from Detroit, MI!

The Adventure began Nov 2006




Oldrice Trans Taiga Tour 2010!

Check THIS out!

Yes, I'm riding this trip. It was postponed but...








  • Relocating the license plate

  • rear subframe upgrade (www.ArrowheadMotorsports.com)

  • 'T' or 'Y' mod to the carb vent line

  • adjusted pilot screw - huge difference!

  • 160 main and 42 pilot - snorklectomy -

  • replaced a lot of hdw with stainless

  • Blue or Red loctite!

  • Front forks rebuilt with Bel Ray 15wt fork oil. (SOOOO much better!)

  • added 12V power harness & Battery Tender Jr. harness

  • Speedo/clock assy rubber mounted.

  • inner fender flap to protect the rear shock from mud & debris

  • Stock seat foam modified with more dense foam and older (nos) grey seat cover to match. Much better!

  • Low Profile Magnetic Drain Plug

  • Doohickey - DONE! (www.ArrowheadMotorsports.com) and adjusted when/as req'd.

  • MSR ATV Aluminum Alloy Midrise Handlebars (I like these a lot)

  • Enduro Engineering aluminum hand guards with KLR plastic (best!)

  • Doskocil rear box - like a Pelican 1500 - dovetailed adjustable quick release system (my own design)

  • rear 12" LED brakelight

  • Mobil 1 oil only!

  • MEFO's - AWESOME TIRES! (www.ArrowheadMotorsports.com) (could use new front now)

  • Hella 3.5" aux lights - HIGH Beams! WOW!

  • Braided Front Brake Line - Orange! from the great folks at www.cyclebrakes.com

  • Rear Brake Master Guard

  • Relocated choke lever & mirror mount (both sides)

  • Cruise Control

  • Headlight guard - plexiglass - I made it. (chipped corner) They've been to Panama and back!

  • HID lighting - finally! Installed 08/06/07 - I LOVE THIS!

  • Caribou Case Systems - awesome! http://www.cariboucases.com  see below

  • RAM mount for GPS (Garmin V bit the dust)

  • Jardine Muffler - slip-on (I like it!) sounds AWESOME, less weight, more power,...

  • Jet Kit/shimmed needle (think XR650R)

  • Opened Air Filter box - stock air filter

  • Snorkelectomy - airbox mod

  • Cooling mod - closed space between rad and left tank shroud. (WORKS!)

  • Water Wetter in cooling system - I've only heard the fan come on a few times.

  • DR650 serrated footpegs keep your boots planted.

  • Drilled 1" hole in side covers to access the seat bolts

  • Other little trick brackets and doo-dads...

  • Never crashed

  • Clear clean title in hand






Jeff now has an 07 ALSO and Gerards is in Phoenix.

OK, are you ready for a LOT of pics?     all KLR?     click below...



This is Jeff's bike...it's an 05




This is Gerards sweet 07





Oldrice.com Stickers are here!

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Item Name: Oldrice.com Sticker
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Relocating the rear license plate.

If you have a few simple tools you can do this - you don't need to buy anything!

 I used a jigsaw to cut the bottom of the fender off. You may want to use something else. Hacksaw blade.

Hot butter knife, red hot cable, tin-snips, plasma cutter.  Or not.

I didn't have to buy anything. All parts used were from the original assembly.

Sure cleans things up and you won't bend your plate when bottoming out your rear suspension.

Not that I've ever done something like that.





DIY inner fender flap - shock protector (keeps it clean!)

Keeps the big rocks and mud from your shock. I used an inner fender flap from a reallllly old XL350 Honda and carved it up a little bit to fit.

It's made out of a really soft plastic - or really hard rubber. Bends easily enough. Used existing holes to install stainless Allen bolts with self locking nuts.



My KLR's Rear Trunk - $60 shipped and mounted w/quick release


Some KLR riders have asked about my rear trunk. Here goes....

It's a Doskocil that I bought on ebay for $35 shipped. Probably because it isn't a Pelican. They seem to demand a lot more money. I didn't know how good a deal I was getting until the box arrived. It has all the same features as a Pelican (waterproof, atmospheric pressure relief valve, super heavy duty plastic construction and material, etc,...) except to the best of my knowledge it doesn't come in other colors. The pelicans I have seen of this size have the two latches in the front (top?) handle area. This has latches on the sides too. Foam padded and features a lip or flange all around the box which is perfect for drilling bungee holes into and slipping a combination lock into. I have bungeed large items on top of the box using these holes as well as locked the box with my combination lock (no keys to lose). If I'm at a hotel, or somewhere populated with valuables in the box, I just slide it off and either take it with me or leave it in the Hotel room.  Cool.


I bought an 8' composite "board" from Home Depot that's normally used for decking wood, $20 (+/-). It's weather resistant which is why I wanted it - regular plastic in this quantity is expensive and not available locally. Home depots are everywhere. I cut about 20" from one end and stored the rest in the garage for ...later? I cut the 20" piece on a table saw in half to make two 10" lengths. Then I tilted the blade at a 45 degree angle and cut the 10" pieces in the center lengthwise. I marked them because I can really screw up a good idea quick. R & L and Box and Bike. I mounted the Bike pieces so they flared into each other using the existing rack mounts but with longer bolts ($5.00 for misc. hardware at the closer hardware store) and mounted the two remaining inside pieces to the box. Once that's finished I could literally slide the box onto the bike securely from side to side. But if I take off like a bat outta hell the box slides right off the back. So I drilled a couple holes from one side to the other through the composite pieces as the box is mounted on the bike. If I slide an aluminum rod through the hole and it prevents the box from sliding anywhere. It's secure. I drilled a couple holes so I could slide the box back to remove the seat if necessary, or forward so the box is against my lower back a bit - riders backrest. I went to Joanne (sp?) Fabrics and bought some extremely heavy duty adhesive Velcro to attach a fanny pack stuffed with foam for my lower back. It's visible in some of the other pics of my bike elsewhere on this page. And since nobody ever rides pillion on this bike with me, the box is normally at full forward position which also allows my extra tank of spare gas to attach to the back of the bike just above the foot-long LED brake light. The aluminum rod I bought at Home Depot also and cut it so a couple inches hangs out on either side. Then I drilled a hole on the ends to place a small keeper clip that won't fall off but is easily pulled off for removal of the box. The KLR tool box is removed in the pics but has since been replaced. I hope this has been useful information for you. I like it for the simple facts that it's less than $50 total investment and features everything I wanted in a rear box. Tough, functional, easily removed and lockable. Click each pic for a YUGE closeup pic!







Front Brake Line & Mirror Perches


One of the best investments you can make in your KLR is a braided front brake line.

(www.Cyclebrakes.com) - Ask for Michelle Avila and tell her Oldrice sent you!

This is a Galfer line - brought to me by Cyclebrakes. You get a choice of colors. The mirror

perches can be purchased at www.arrowheadmotorsports.com ask Fred




Here is where I show you a pic of the hole I made in the side cover so I could get the seat off without having to take off the side covers.   I like to tinker on the bike so I seem to always be taking things off and on and off again.  This simple mod lets you get the seat off without wearing out the sidecover fasteners. Yeah, I tinker a lot.



First, hold the side cover out about an inch and line up the center of the seat bolt with where the outside of the side cover is - I'd make templates for all you guys but as we all know, every KLR's different.  Both my side covers are different! Anyway, once you find the center, drill a small hole and then follow up with a larger hole-saw type. Done.






Caribou Case System - totally cool!






They even fit with a Jardine Slip-On Muffler - and as for quality, I really like the Jardine. They're a company that's been around a long time, made in USA, really nice quality and the materials are sweet - Stainless and Aluminum. The muffler cleans up nice, sounds awesome, reduces weight and looks cool. Everything a KLR could want.


The Caribous will fit with a Staintune but NOT a SuperTrapp. Now we know it'll fit with a Jardine too!



Freakin Music man! MUSIC! ! ! !    This KLR just sings!


Yeah, it's IN THERE!


Used Garmin GPS V - do yourself a favor, buy a new Garmin.

Buying used creates hassles. Reg codes, new software, etc,...

Buy new!





Installing the Enduro Engineering handguards, the other handguards I've installed were all bastids!

These went MUCH better!


 I ended up going with Enduro Engineering handguards and using the stock KLR plastic guards zip tied to the aluminum brush guards.

I think it went together awesome!

See pics below.

Maybe it's because of the MSR ATV Midrise bars?

If you click them, they will grow!


Note RAM GPS Mount for the GPS V.




 Last June (07) on the way back from VMDs at Mid-Ohio I picked up a rock on one of the aux lights.

 I recently replaced them with another set of *slightly* smaller ones. Wait a minute and I'll check ....

ok, here's the originals...You can pick them for the same price I paid at
http://www.autobarn.net/helopperdriv1.html which I believe is $45 for the
entire kit - two lights, a cool switch and the relays, harness etc,..

These are what's on there now... Product ID: HL88161
Description: HL88161 Optilux 1372 Driving Lamp Kit, Electron Blue Lens
Price: $29.65
I believe I got them at www.Rallylights.com and they shipped them out quick too.

PIAAs are great lights. They're expensive lights. They're just the same lights as Hellas with a PIAA name - they all use the same bulbs.

Most are all made in Mexico or China. I've ridden beside another KLR with $400 worth of PIAAs and my Hellas were MUCH better.

I also have a real HID headlight I use for daily riding. The aux lights have only been on a couple times.

Check ebay for the $89 single unit HID for motorcycles - they may be shipped from Singapore - but it arrived like they were shipped from next door and work fantastic!

 Real HID for $89 - can you beat it?






Adventure Rider








Malcolm Smith - Hall of Fame




Oldrice.com Stickers are here!

Only $1.50 - including shipping and tax! (no tax for outside Michigan buyers!)

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(just about actual size - 4" x 1")

Item Name: Oldrice.com Sticker
Item Number: 102006
Price: $1.50



This is a map of all the riders on the Dual Sport News KLR List... (DSN KLR650)





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