Oldrice Trans Taiga Hiway Tour 2008


James Bay? Trans Taiga? Labrador?


Ever wonder how far away from civilization you can get...on your motorcycle...off road...without visiting Antarctica or Africa?


I have.



This is east bound from James Bay.




This goes North of Michigan - way North. See those lakes on the bottom left? Those are The Great Lakes.











This is my ride....




It's a well cared for 06 Kawasaki KLR 650. This isn't an ordinary KLR650 either. 




I'll be living in this. It's my Kelty Gunnison II tent.



Sleeping will be in a REI Mojave +15 Down bag.


I'll be cooking with my Jetboil. and my stove.

That's my stove...grill...kitchen thingy below.









Wanna go?







If you need to contact me - email me at



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