These are my riding buddies.

Pics of me, them and some of our rides...


I've been trying to get pics of some of my buds and their rides....well actually, they've been bugging the snot out of me to get this done.


 Here's one of me and the AJS atop some mountain near Eureka, Ca - Kneeland rd? Showers Pass?

Ah yes, I couldn't be happier. Me and the AJS.    ...and a bowl of cookies.


Davey and his pristine SL350. One of the greatest guys you'll ever meet. 



"Too Tall" Bruce and his Baja kitted XR650R. This guy can wheelie forever on that bike. 

This is Bruce again (below) with his XR600R. Also one of the greatest guys you'll ever meet.



I Believe this is Bruce Bacon and Rick Blunden. Friends of my dad. (and mine)

Those are my dads bikes - his SRX (green & stock), the red SRX (pretty tricked out) and the Geebs.



This is a great shot of Uncle Fester outside his bridge one morning...and another one of my Dads creations.



This is my Dad and his Matchless 500 next to his brother Tommy's Triumph Tiger waaaaaaay back in 1958

And this is my Dads Matchless 500 Thumper. Beautiful eh?


Me - 16 or 17 years old. My trusty SL350.

Did any of you have the Ultra Cool Malcolm Smith Gold Medal belt?




Bruce and Davey. I think Davey did something to my seat...




And this is another friend of my Dads. His name is Bruce too. Bruce Braley. 

Apparently, among other things, Bruce is deaf and has Turrets Syndrome. Haha! Bruce is cool. This was fun.



This is me again with Davey's ultra sweet and smooth Suzuki GS1000.

Man I wish I had that bike.


This is my wife's bike.

It's a pristine 1985 Honda CB650SC - Shaft drive, self adjusting valves - basically zero maintenance and smooth as silk.

I could see myself doing a long distance ride on this bike with comfort to spare.

Click on the pic for a nice shot of it.



Camping Trip 10/06/07


I still have to add pics of my Dad, my friends Don, Malcolm, Eric and Freddy, and another whole page of my brothers projects. 

Stay tuned...


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