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This is THE "page" for info on older vintage XL350's, XL250's and basically all the older XL/SL type bikes and generally limited to thumpers - not the SL twins. Dozens of really good in-depth articles on everything from restoring your original dual sport to completely tricked out factory works bikes. Check this out!

This Forum is specifically for those wanting or needing to know anything about Vintage Honda XL350's. Other Honda XL's are welcome and encouraged to join in the discussions. Trials? AHRMA Motocross or road racing? It's all in here.

This is THE place for those that want/need more info on their Yamaha TDM850's. Check this out! There's a link to the TDM email list too. There's not much out there for the Tediums anymore so I try to keep the collection for these on this page.


This page has links to many Hawk GT resources, websites, email lists and virtually anything Hawk GT. There's a couple links to both my dads old Hawk GT and my own Hawk (The Dragon Hawk) which I regrettably sold and wish like hell I had back again.


This page is dedicated to the rare and highly sought after by collectors Honda GB50 Tourist Trophy. Another motorcycle I wish I had never sold.

As a matter of fact, I still have the entire original exhaust for this bike - in mint condition if I'm not mistaken. I guess I should sell it before I make a lamp out of it.

This is a page dedicated to my posse. My riding friends. Buds & Bikes. It's not finished yet as I have yet to add Fred, Don, Eric, Jake,  and more about Gerard. Check it out!




This page is dedicated to the BMW R1150 GS Adventure. My latest addition to the stable.  Check out this section. Welcome to the world of adventure riding!

This page is dedicated to the universal urban and rural assault moto called the Kawasaki KLR650 - KiLeRistas around the globe enjoys this bikes ability to do anything and everything. Here's a list of resources, email lists, mods, tips and tricks for you KLR! Join the Michigan KLR ADV list today!

This page is dedicated to the rare Honda NX650 Dominator that Honda sold here in the states for only two years. I always wanted one and glad I was afforded the opportunity to own one for a few years. I loved mine dearly. Many memories on that bike.

My first Suzuki! And it's a Bandit 1200 that pulls like a freight train! I'm gonna have a blast modifying this one! Looks like the previous owner liked to wheelie a lot. Gotta replace the sprockets and. . . better just stay tuned.

This is a site that my dad built. It was originally on WebTv software and he asked me to grab it before they took it off. I copied all of it and I'm still in the process of fixing the links to each page - the content and design is still the same, but the "back" buttons may not all work - correctly yet. Some do but ....I'll get to it. Check it out though. It's full of cool stuff!

This is my THIRD Honda CB750F Super Sport! My last one was an 82 and the one before that (The White One) was an 80. I really like the lines. 


04 F150 XLT 4x4

Henry Ford Commercial


Yeah, he's a motorcyclist too.




Check out this page!

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This is my dads bike. I have a pic somewhere of my old CB750F SS in that same spot.


"I am a Thumper!"

by Robert W. Beach


Song of the Sausage Creature

by Hunter S. Thompson





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