"  V.O.I.P.  "

(Voice Over Internet Protocol)    It's the way we talk over the internet. 

VOIP is the direction the Internet and telecommunications are going. The internet + phone = V.O.I.P.

It's inevitable. It was only a matter of time. It makes sense.



This is the path phone communications are going. The internet and phones are merging. It's inevitable.

This phone has all the features that your cell phones or home phones have, except the bills! AND a crystal clear communication! It's the internet! Think about it, pretty soon the cell phones like your current Sprint, Nextel, Cingular, T-Mobile - will be useless, an antique, and replaced by VOIP. It's inevitable because the infrastructure that your current cell phone companies use was developed by them and they have to charge you to pay for it. This VOIP infrastructure is the internet. It's already there. It works. "Long distance" does not exist. Next door, the pizza shop in town or your family in Japan. It doesn't matter where because distance is not a factor. And for $14.95 a month with service area not a factor, it's a no-brainer!


$14.95 a month - that's it!


Sprint, AT&T, Nextel, Cingular, ...they all fade out if you're not in their territory. Their (your) average monthly bills are between $40 &$90

With InteleFone, there's no such thing as roaming! 


"Searching for Service"

Sound familiar?     Not with InteleFone!


We recently traveled aboard the Disney cruise ship "Wonder" from Port Canaveral in Florida to the Bahamas' and Disney's own island "Castaway Cay" (which is awesome by the way!). Wow! What a trip! If you ever get a chance to take a cruise - choose Disney! 


I spoke with a couple crew members about their situation working on the ship for months at a time and how they communicate with their families while cruising. They spent literally hundreds of dollars a month in phone bills keeping in touch with their families. Now with the InteleFone they can talk to their families - wherever they are - for only $14.95 a month. As long as they want, whenever they want, wherever they want. 

Nur is a bartender at "Diversions" on the third floor of the ship. His family is in the Philippine's and he tries to call them whenever he can and spent hundreds of dollars a month on phone bills. We let Nur speak to his family using our InteleFone during his break. Nur was fascinated with the clarity and ease of use. Now he speaks to them on InteleFone for as long as he wants, whenever he wants for only $14.95 a month! And he's saving bundles of money!


There's over 900 crew members on the cruise ship. There's over 55 different countries represented on the Disney Cruise ships. Virtually all of them have families abroad. Hungary, Spain, France, Brazil, the Philippine's, Tulsa Oklahoma and they can speak to ALL OF THEM!  One of the best features about the InteleFone is that it does NOT require broadband internet access!!!  People in India, Turkey, South Africa, Mongolia, Germany or wherever they are, can speak to their family members working on the cruise ships. They don't have to wait for them to pull into port or spend hundreds of dollars on the ships Satellite phones which are limited in quantity for all the members and very expensive to use. 


Since we spoke to Nur, several other crew members approached us wanting to know more about InteleFone. Carlos from Peru, Stanmira from Bulgaria and Server Drew from Alaska are all happy to speak to their families and friends in other parts of the world now for only $14.95 a month. And word of this InteleFone is spreading around the ships like wildfire!


"I'm so happy to speak to my wife and children in Peru on InteleFone. Thank you Geoff. I am saving more money now and that is a side benefit for us now too!" says Carlos our Assistant Server from Peru.


"Geoff, InteleFone let's me to speak to my family in Bulgaria now when it's convenient for us. Before, I had to wait in line on my breaks and sometimes I could not talk to them because there were so many people in line ahead of me. Then I would spend 99 cents a minute to find I called them when they were sleeping. The time difference cost me so much money and hardship due to lack of convenience for us. Now I'm saving money and I don't have to wait in line for the ships phone or spend any money! Thank you so much!" says Stanmira our waitress from Bulgaria.  


Nur (one of the ships bartenders) has applied for a sales position with InteleFone. If you work on a cruise ship such as Princess, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Disney, HollandAmerica, Norwegian or Celebrity Cruises you should contact Nur on the Disney Ship "Wonder" based out of Port Canaveral, Florida to sign up with InteleFone right away! 


If you are in the military, work on a cruise ship, or just have a monthly cell phone bill that's keeping you up at night, give InteleFone a try. You talk over the internet - not a "cell" - and save TONS of money! I have actually replaced my old conventional home phone with InteleFone. 


Personally, I recommend simply replacing your home phone with the InteleFone. 


InteleFone Internet Phone calls never "fade out". InteleFone has Call Waiting, Voicemail, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, etc - visit the InteleFone page for detailed information on benefits, features and signing up for your VOIP InteleFone right away!   Seriously, why wait?


   Sign-up for InteleFone here!  


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Free phone for motorcyclists that click here now!

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The Disney Cruise Experience


Personally I would like to thank Disney Cruises. Especially the Disney Cruise Ship "Wonder" and it's crew for providing a simply fantastic once-in-a-lifetime experience for me and my family. We've made new friends and memories for a lifetime. Treated like royalty and 5 star accommodations made for a stress free environment and an exciting yet relaxing and fun filled vacation I personally will never forget. 


Nur, Carlos & Stanmira - Thank you so much! Keep in touch!  I'll upload the pics as soon as they're developed.



DIVERSIONS - a sports bar with Style!        I think that's Nur in the video!!



See the little yellow lifeboat in the middle - our room was right above that. Too cool!



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